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Sun Bowl Farm and

Farmers Market

What’s growing here?

You can buy this produce at our farmer’s market and enjoy them in the “farm-to-table” weekly specials at our restaurant.

BEANSgreen beansxx
pole beansx
sugar snap peasx
yellow beansxx
GOURDSblue stella squashx
acorn squashx
butternut squashx
buttercup squashx
field cucumbersxx
pattypan squashxx
pickling cucumbersxx
spaghetti squashx
sugar pumpkinsx
garlic xx
garlic scapesx
green onionsxx
red onionsmid
bok choymid
swiss chardxx
NIGHTSHADEScayenne peppersxx
cherry tomatoesxx
chili peppersxx
jalepeno peppersxx
japanese eggplantsxx
slicing tomatoesx
sweet peppersxx
OTHERsweet cornx
pattypan squash
kale and cucumber field

Our farmer’s market features locally-grown produce from the abundant fields of the Sun Bowl Farm at Loch Lomond.  You’ll love eating fresh vegetables that are picked at their prime!

Visit the Sun Bowl Farm Facebook page for details.

About the Farm and the Farmer Behind It

Regenerative Farming

At Sun Bowl Farm, we practice regenerative farming, which builds soil health and nurtures the living systems within the soil. This allows us to produce healthy and vibrant vegetables without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, with ecosystem sustainability in mind. What you get is produce that’s better than just “organic”.


The Birth of Sun Bowl Farm

In the summer of 2022, Josh Szura, grooming ski hills during the winter, discovered an entirely different passion during the warm summer months – growing vegetables. Embracing the art of gardening, he found profound enjoyment and peace, witnessing a major increase in his mental well-being.

The farm started on a small plot of land at Loch Lomond in 2022 and has grown to five acres for the summer of 2023.  The joy he experienced was so profound that he decided to dedicate himself fully to farming for the summer, driven by a strong desire to give back to his community by offering healthier food options than what the typical grocery store provides. It was a journey of fulfillment, a sense of purpose, and a realization of “doing something good” in life.


Origin of the name “Sun Bowl Farm”

The name “Sun Bowl” was inspired by a ski run on the mountain, symbolizing the radiant energy and warmth that fills the farm.

Nestled among the mountains surrounding the valley, Sun Bowl Farm enjoys a unique micro-climate, which blesses the area with abundant sunshine and warmth, a noticeable 5-7°C warmer than in town. This favorable environment allows the vegetables to thrive.

Josh Szura, Sun Bowl Farmer
Josh with his award winning produce at Hymers Fall Fair


Restaurant and Lounge

Serving casual fare and a full bar.

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