Season Pass 2022/2023


Loch Lomond Season Pass holders get access to all the fun stuff that happens on the Mountain. Ride our 3 chairlifts whenever they are spinning, explore our terrain on your skis or snowboard, or enjoy a snowshoe on our trails.

All pass types are based on the year of the pass holder’s birth.

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Year of birth explanation

Passes are purchased based on the pass holder’s year of birth. They are dependent on the pass holder’s age at midnight on Dec31st. U30 refers to “Under 30” IE 29 and under. The U30 pass extends youth pricing to all young adults and not just students. The U11 pass is for those under 11 (IE 10 and under) at midnight on New Years. U6 is 5 and under; note that 5 and under do get free lift tickets. The season pass is just a convenience for some families who do not want to pick up a ticket each visit.
70+ refers to those who are over the age of 70.


Refunds are only available to individuals who are able to provide evidence from a professional entity (limited to medical, employer, or school), stating that the individual the product was purchased for is unable to use their product. All refunds are subject to a refund schedule, based on first contact from the individual in initiating the refund procedure. Contacting Ski Co Development Inc. per the dates listed below, through email ( is the most effective way to initiate the process. The date that the first email is received would indicate where in the refund schedule the refund would be eligible.

All refunds are subject to a $30 Administrative Fee
Prior to the season start, eligible for a full refund, less Administrative Fee
Before December 1st, eligible for a partial refund (90% of cost), less Administrative Fee
Before January 1st, eligible for a partial refund (67% of cost), less Administrative Fee
Before February 1st, eligible for a partial refund (15% of cost), less Administrative Fee

Refund requests initiated after February 1st are not eligible for any type of refund, regardless of supporting documentation.

Passes are non-transferable

Pass Pick-Up

Passes will be available to be picked up in the weeks prior to the start of the ski season. Passholders, or their legal guardians, must agree to the terms outlined in our liability waiver before passes can be released. If passes are forgotten, day passes will be issued twice over the season per pass.

If a pass is lost, a reprint is subject to a $25 fee.

Liability Waiver

All season pass holders are required to complete and submit a copy of the Passholder Waiver prior to their passes being released to them. No participant will be allowed to use the facility without first submitting their waiver outlining the risks associated with the activity.

Click here for a copy of this year’s waiver

Additional information

Pass Type

70+, Reg, U11, U30, U6

Season Pass 2022/2023

Season Pass 2022/2023