Masters Training and Race Series


The Ski Haus and Loch Lomond Ski Area are excited to announce the new Masters’ Ski Racing League for the 2019/2020 season.

Beginning Thursday, January 9th the season will run for 8 weeks finishing on March 1st

Racing will be every Thursday night with the race start scheduled for 7:30 pm. Runs will vary through the season to provide variety and to keep everyone excited.

Program Cost is currently set at $200 per person. This is an all-inclusive price for all 8 races and training sessions plus the Pro Race. All Participants will be required to sign a waiver prior to their first event.

If you can only make a couple of races or if you may just be interested in some training we are also happy to accommodate. Please See Master Race Registration or Master Training Registration.

During the season there will be a couple of races during the day to allow us to utilize terrain that is not appropriately lit. One day race will be on the Cliff the other on the Hardwood Track created for the 2016 U16 National Championships. Day races will be run on Sundays with a 10 am start time.

Training will be every Friday night from 6-8 pm

Racing will follow national masters age brackets and rules, there will be an additional point system to create teams and have a team scoring system.

Training on Fridays will be coach-led mainly focused on GS gate training but will also add variety with some specific drill courses for those who may be interested in overall ski improvement. Coaching will be on an a la carte basis meaning if you just want to show up and run some gates no problem if you would like some instruction no problem if you would like full engagement with a week to week development no problem.

The pricing for an a la carte race and train is as follows:

Price per individual race $35 +HST pay at Loch Snow School

Price per individual training $15 +HST pay at Loch Snow School

There is no limit to how many individual sessions one can attend.

Basic Skier requirements:

Ski Equipment in Good Repair and functioning per manufacturer specifications.

A CSA approved helmet designed for Alpine Skiing in good repair and functioning per manufacturer specifications.

Racers will not be required to help with any setup or tear down but in the spirit of community we may ask from time to time for a little help with B-net or course tear down as from time to time we are required to provide quick turn around times to host other events happening at Loch Lomond Ski Area. This will strictly be on a voluntary basis.

Masters Training and Race Series

Masters Training and Race Series