Lil Riderz Ski Lesson (Ages 4-6)


Lil Riderz is our youngest group of Learners! Every Saturday and Sunday Afternoon, the Lil Riderz take over the Snoopy! Students can sign up for any lesson, and learn the basics and progress. Lil Riderz also has its own Winter Break and March Break Camp that your Lil Rider can sign up for.

Price includes a lift ticket for the day!

Price breaks happen after you add 5 (10% off) and then 10 (20% off) Learn to Ride Lessons to your cart.

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Lil Riderz is our group lessons for 4 years old up until the age of 6. The lessons start at 12.30pm and go for 2 hours and run most weekends. Class sizes are no bigger than 7 students in a lesson.

Click the button below to go through to the calendar of available lessons.

Please note: If there are 2 children or less in the lesson, the group lesson will run for 1 hour instead of 2. If the weather is colder than negative 20, frequent breaks will be taken and the program may be moved to games inside.


We have 5 levels for our little riderz:
1: (Lil Riderz one): They will learn about their equipment and how to balance going down the hill. They will be introduced to the snowplow and how to stop on skis.

2: They should be able to stop independently to be in level 2. They will be introduced into turning.  learn to safely move around and stop on skis. They develop basics in terms of using snowplow to control their speed, turn and stop in the beginner area. In the Lil Riderz program, instructors ensure protocols are learned for on hill and lift safety.

3: Little Riderz in level 3 should be ready to ride the chairlift with an adult, and be ready to stop and turn on Snoopy.

4: Comfortable on green runs all over the mountain and can get up by themselves, starting to get parallel on green terrain. Getting ready for blue terrain.

5: Shredding the whole hill! These little rippers should be learning how to get parallel, introduction to poles, racing, jumps, black runs, you name it! These classes do not run every weekend. Please contact to find when the next scheduled level 5 lil Riderz session is. Please note, the lil riderz in level 5 may be combined with a regular riderz class that matches the student ability depending on numbers.

Lil Riderz Ski Lesson (Ages 4-6)

Lil Riderz Ski Lesson (Ages 4-6)