COVID procedures rely upon the public doing their best to follow them, and our procedures are no exception.

Hours and Operation

We will be opening EVERYDAY, for as long as we can.
Hours are Weekdays from 12PM-5PM
and Weekends from 10AM-5PM

These hours will be continually evolving as we go through the next few weeks. Currently they are set in accordance with the temperatures. Keep an eye on our hours and social media for changes

Season Pass Pick Up

To pick-up your season pass or special pass, you will have to upload a photo (ensure we can clearly see the passholder face), and schedule a time to pick it up. The thereshold for booking pick-up times is 12 hours. Upload your photo early, well ahead of your arrival (multiple days even) to ensure your card is ready.

Lift Tickets

Lift tickets can only be purchased in person (for right now… see the section on lift lines and gate closures for the reason why). Lift tickets are listed at a decoy price to ensure no one buys one, Flex Passes can still be redeemed online.

Face Coverings

Everyone has to have a face covering on while at Loch Lomond, no exceptions. This will be strictly enforced. Extra diligence should be paid when you are near the chalet, or in a lift line.

Face coverings can only be removed if consuming food or beverages, while seated at a table which is more than 9 ft from anyone from a different household


Chairlift usage is single household only. That is, people who you are allowed to ride the chairlift with, live with you. The only exception to this on the quad chair. There must be an empty seat between households, and masks must be worn the whole ride.

Lift Lines

Lift lines will be the biggest hurdle for us as a community to tackle. Ensure you are keeping more than 6 ft between your household and others at all times. Please be generous in your spacing.

Children are required to wear face masks, please remind them to wear them at all times and remind them to stay away from others.

Under the most recent regulation, we will be monitoring our lift line wait times. Lines cannot be longer than 10 minutes. If they are, you will be directed to another lift. The gates will close and no one else will be permitted to access the facility until enough guests leave to reduce wait times

Indoor Spaces

Your vehicle is the ideal place to become your base lodge. We recommend changes boots in the car, and using it as a space to warm up. We will have fires going around the property. Please remember social distancing when you are near one.

Order food and beverages from the entrances off the main deck or the upper patio. With only having 10 people allowed inside in Red, we have opted to not allow anyone to stay inside. After you place your order, you will have to consume it outside.

Bathrooms are accessible through the main floors. Bathrooms will operate as single household occupancy only. Access to bathrooms may be slow due to occupancy limits of 10 people. Please ask your children often if they have to use the bathroom to avoid accidents in the line! Don’t leave it too late.


Rental Equipment can be purchased from the Ticket Tent. The rental shop will operate as it did prior to shutdown, with one household in at a time.


When the lockdown was first extended on January 7th, we closed our snowmaking as we were unsure if we would be able to open again this season.

Since the announcement that our region would be moving to the regional framework, we have assessed what we can afford to accomplish with the affects the shutdown has had on our finances.

At this time, we have not made snow on the Giant, and we do not expect to this season. There will be snow pushed from the Birch to the top of Giant to ensure that the rocks are covered. Ride with care.

We have ensured that there is plenty of snow on the South, Snoopy, and Birch. We hope to extend the ski season as long as we can. You should plan to ski well into April!


Loch Lomond’s COVID response is always being updated in conjunction with local and provincial authorities.

The health, safety, and well-being of our guests and staff are and always will be top priorities here at Loch Lomond Ski Area.

Loch Lomond has put in place precautionary measures to limit your exposure to any potential contamination to COVID-19. This is to ensure our facility remains clean and safe.

To protect yourself and others, we ask anyone who is feeling unwell, or if you have traveled outside of Thunder Bay in the last 14 days to please refrain from visiting.


What you can do:

  • Purchase your day ticket at our outdoor ticket window
  • Wear an appropriate face covering in all indoor and outdoor spaces, except when eating and drinking ONLY
  • Respect the 2 metres physical distancing between you and other visitors or employees
  • Gear up at your car

Outdoor Spaces

  • Ride the lifts only with people from your social circle
  • Maintain individuals personal space
  • Bring tissues and throw them away after use in garbage cans
  • Do not wipe runny noses on mitts or sleeves
  • Camp fires are  available to warm up

Indoor Spaces

  • Wash your hands or sanitize when you come inside, before you eat, and before you go back outside
  • Pay attention to surfaces commonly touched
  • Washrooms are open for 1 person at a time use
  • Use back or elbows to push open doors
  • Rental shop is open at reduced capacity
  • Guest Services is open at reduced capacity

Do not visit if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 or have travelled in the previous 14 days