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Season Passes - Family


Each Additional - Ski/Snowboarding Season Pass for families

0 $245.70 $245.70

You receive a complimentary tubing or snowshoeing pass with each ski/snowboarding membership you purchase.

Product Description

A ski/snowboarding pass allows you to ski and/or snowboard at Loch Lomond Ski Area during our hours of operation. 

 This excludes nights when the ski area has been rented out privately. However, we only rent the ski area on nights we are normally closed. 

We have top-notch snow making equipment and we continually make snow to create a great base and to extend the opening and closing dates at Loch Lomond.

The end of the season is officially March 30th; however, unusual weather might prevent us from staying open until that date during certain years.

Disclaimer: If there is a price discrepancy between Loch Lomond's Office pricing and the website, the pricing displayed at Loch Lomond's office will be deemed the accurate price.

Free Tubing or Snowshoeing Pass

Receive a free tubing pass or snowshoeing pass with every ski/snowboarding season pass you purchase.

Pick up the pass of your choice when you visit the Loch Lomond office to have your membership card photo taken.

Your pass cannot be redeemed for cash.

Age Classifications and Requirements

ID is required when purchasing child, junior, student and senior memberships since each of these memberships are discounted.

The following age classifications apply to the 2016/2017 Memberships

  • Child - 6 and under as of December 31, 2016
  • Junior - 13 years and under as of December 31, 2016
  • Student - 14-18 years of age, or A person 18+ qualifies as a Student too if they are attending a post secondary educational institution. A valid student card for this year must be presented.
  • Senior - 60 and over as of December 31, 2016

ID Card must be presented before memberships are released.

Waiver Information

All Season Pass purchasers will be required to sign a release of liability waiver with payment. If under 18 a parent or guardian must co-sign.

Payment Options

On this website

Paypal is used for online purchases with credit card as an option.

At Loch Lomond's Office

There are other options if you are paying at Loch Lomond

  • Payment Plan (available on regularly priced season passes)
  • Cash
  • Cheque - paid to Loch Lomond Ski Area
  • Interac
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Refund Information for Ski/Snowboarding Season Pass Holders

Applies to medical or job transfer reasons only, with a professional letter.  No refunds after February 1st. 

  • Before season starts, less $25.00 admin fee 
  • Before December 1st, 90% less admin fee 
  • Before January 1st, 67% less admin fee 
  • Before February 1st, 50% less admin fee
Replacement Fee for a lost pass is $25.

Will I get a receipt after ordering online?

  • Yes, you will get an email receipt.

What do I do after purchasing a ski/snowboarding pass online?

  • visit the Loch Office, at your convenience, to have your membership Photo ID Card made for this season
  • bring your receipt (we can look up your order if you lost your receipt)
  • load up your new Membership ID card to spend anywhere at Loch Lomond through the season (useful for everyone who doesn't want to carry cash or credit)   

Can I fill out the liability waiver at home?

  • Of course! You can save time by doing this at home. Here is a link to the liability waiver
  • Bring it to the Office with you

How do I get my free tubing or snowshoeing pass?

  • Ask for your pass when you are at Loch Lomond getting your membership card

Who is considered part of a family?

A family consists of parents and their children under 18 or students with a student card living at home. No Exceptions.

Instructions for ordering for families with a child under 6 years old.

Choose a membership for the family but do not include the 6 year old. Then select the child's membership.

For example, you have a family of four. 

  • Mom
  • Dad 
  • 10 year old 
  • 5 year old

Select 'A Family of Three', then select a child under six.

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