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March Break Camp


March Break Camp - Half Days (3 - 5 year olds)

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3 - 5 year olds receive free lift tickets.

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Camp Overview

Camps are for Children with Some Previous Experience

Children joining camps need some previous skiing or snowboarding experience. Children without previous experience can prepare for a Camp by taking a private lesson. Talk to Ski School about a lesson if your child is starting out for the first time, or needs a refresher lesson.

The Grouping of Children

Proper grouping is essential for learning, as well as, ensuring that children enjoy themselves. How do we make groups? We create groups based on similar ages and similar skills. 

The Choosing of Certified Instructors

We only hire certified instructors. We place highly skilled children with instructors of a higher certification levels. There are four levels of certified instruction.

Can we Accommodate Every Skill Level?

Unfortunately, the rare time we cannot. For example, your child may have superior skills and perhaps there are no other children who can ski as well. If we only have one of two children signing up for an Advanced program, then we might not hold that particular program. Hiring instructors at that high level of certification costs us more money which means that we need a minimum amount of children in a Camp. We try our best though to make sure all children have a chance to enjoy a Christmas, March Break or Adventure Camp.

Information for 6 - 13 Year Olds

This age group of children has to have the ability to get on and off a chair lift unaided. If your child has never skied or snowboarded, we recommend at least one lesson before the Camp begins. 

Something to Think About

We have been teaching for a long time and once and a while, we see children whose parents have placed them in a group that is a bit advanced for the skill of the child. This can easily happen because sometimes skills diminish over the summer holidays since children are not skiing. It is best to discuss your child's ability with an Ski School if you are uncertain which group they should be in. It is disappointing for a child to be moved down to a less advanced group. However, it feels good if a child is moved to a more advanced group.

Your Child can be moved to a More Advanced Group

If your child is advancing faster than the rest of the group, we will make every effort move them to a more advanced group - if one is available. 

Can my child continue to ski or snowboard after the Camp is over?

Yes. However, the children will be unsupervised. So if you are comfortable with your child skiing or snowboarding without adult supervision, then they can continue to ski or snowboard. 


Lunch Details

The longer camps have lunch breaks.  The children are brought inside to eat a lunch brought from home or to order food from the cafeteria. 

Swipe-able Pay Cards

Money can be added to Membership cards which allow children to swipe to pay for Cafeteria lunches. This frees the children from worrying about money. The non-members we also have swipe-able pay cards. Just ask at the front desk if this interests your family. 


Cold Weather

In extreme weather we take care to avoid issues like frostbite. Our instructors are trained to look for signs of frostbite. 

Children need to let an instructor know if they are cold. It is important for children to speak up so we can meet their needs. If you have a shy child, please let them know that the instructors are their to help them. 

Windy Weather

Extreme wind conditions means one or both chair lifts will need to be closed for safety reasons.



  • Full Day Camp: 10am - 3pm (includes a lunch break) or
  • Half Day Camp: 12:30pm - 3pm (2.5 hours which includes a break)

Breaks: Full Day Camps have a scheduled Lunch Break which is usually taken twice. Instead of one long break, we usually take two shorter breaks allowing the children to rest and warm up on colder days.

Dates for 2018 March Break Camp:

  • Monday, March 12th, 2018 - Friday, March 16th, 2018



Ages Lesson Type Package Options 10am - 3pm
(4 hrs. instruction)
1pm - 3pm

3-5 years Ski Lesson (free lift tickets included) $225 $160
3-5 years Ski Lesson and Rental Equipment $300 $230
6-13 years Ski or Snowboard Lesson  $215 $150
6-13 years Ski or Snowboard Lesson & Lift Ticket $290 $220
6 - 13 years Ski or Snowboard Lesson, Lift Ticket & Rental Equipment $330 $260

HST Extra


Ability Guidelines


If you are a "never-ever", you have never been on skiing or snowboarding.  This is your first time to be out on the hill. 

If you are a "never-ever", prepare yourself to for a Camp by taking a private lesson. Depending on the age and skill of a "never-ever", one private lesson will often prepare you for a Camp.

This two minute video explains what your child need to know to join a camp. You can teach your child at home or sign them up for lesson. 


You have limited experience and this is one step up from "never-ever" level. As a skier, you can make snowplow turns on really easy terrain - hills marked with Green. As a snowboarder you feel comfortable to sideslip on the heel side edge and the toe side edge. 

There will be short bursts of one-on-one attention but most teaching is aimed toward the group. You need to be able to ski or snowboard independently.

Here are what the 6 - 13 year old Snowboarders need to know to join a Camp. 


You feel confident to ski and ride on beginner and intermediate runs. As a skier, you ski almost parallel and as a snowboarder, you do complete turns from your heel side edge to your toe side edge.


You feel confident on all runs on the hill using the proper technique to ski parallel and to ride on your edge. You feel confident in changing conditions and look to improve your techniques and perfect the pole-point. Only the advanced skiers learn pole-planting, as it is a distraction and dangerous for Intermediates.


Types of Skills that will be taught in Camps.

Skills taught can vary depending on the needs of the group but this is a basic outline.


If you have never skied or snowboarded, a Camp is too advanced for you. Taking a private lesson is often sufficient preparation to joining a Camp.


The instructor will focus on mastering the chair lift, the basics of skiing/snowboarding, the importance of body position, beginner turns and getting down the hill safely.


The instructor will focus on improving the basic skills and introduce intermediate turns.


The instructor will focus on advanced turns, switch skiing/riding, single ski skiing and introduce the student to surface freestyle tricks.


Certified Instruction at Loch Lomond

Every instructor at Loch Lomond Ski Area is certified under one of these organizations: 

  • CSIA: Canadian Ski Instructors Association 
  • CASI: Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors 
  • CSCF: Canadian Ski Coaches Federation


Refund and Rescheduling Information

Programs are designed to operate at set times and schedules. 

However, we also want to try to accommodate you and your family. Here are ways we will try to help: 

1. You know your child will be away during one of his or her scheduled lessons. You might be going on vacation and you know this ahead of time. Contact Ski School and let them know. We will do everything possible to arrange for your child to attend a different day. Sometimes, if your child is taking a special program and it is the only one like it, this might be impossible. However, our goal is to accommodate you. 

2. Your child is sick and cannot attend their lesson. This can be trickier to accommodate but once again we will try. Here is what you need to do so that we can help you. It is VERY important that you contact us 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. This will give us time to reschedule. Sometimes a child wakes up the very day of a lesson and he or she is sick. Unfortunately, in this situation we have no room to adjust schedules. 

If your child's lesson is for 10am in the morning, you need to call us by 10am the day before the scheduled lesson. 

If we are unable to accommodate your request, there will not be refunds or other compensation. Just as a hockey league does not compensate you for missing hockey games or practices, we too are unable to do this either.


Camps will run according to the scheduled dates & times, no exceptions. 24 hrs notice before 1st day must be given for credit & cancellations, no exceptions.

Is anything confusing?

Please just call us at 475-7787 extension 31.


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