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PreLoaded Membership Cards and Gift Cards


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See ordering details below which answer the frequently asked questions about Gift Cards.

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Gift Cards can be loaded with money that can be spent at Loch Lomond. 

Gift Cards can be used to purchase:

  • lift tickets/tubing tickets/snowshoeing tickets
  • food/drink from the cafeteria
  • food/drink from the bar/lounge
  • items from the gift shop
  • rentals
  • repairs

Print at Home - Decorative Voucher

Decorative Gift Voucher
  • Gift Cards can be picked up in the Office
  • Please give us 24 hours to process
  • We need ID for pick-up
  • We can only mail Gift Cards if the item is sent Purolator. This costs $15. Please call us if you prefer this option.
  • Please bring proof of purchase to pick up the gift card at Loch Lomond's office.
  • See Office Hours
  • Print at Home - Decorative Voucher

    This product comes with the option to download a decorative voucher. You can print the voucher from your home printer and present your gift recipient with the voucher.

    He or she can then pick up their real gift card at the Loch Lomond Office. Please ask them to bring photo ID when picking up the real gift card.

    How does it work?

    • You order your product online
    • You will receive an email receipt
    • The email receipt will have a link available to download a decorative voucher
    • You download the voucher, fill in the to, from and invoice number on the voucher, and then print it from your home computer
    • You present the decorative voucher to your gift recipient
    • Please ask your gift recipient to bring photo ID when picking up the real gift card
    • Our office will contact you to see if you want the real gift cards mailed to you, or if you want the gift cards picked up at Loch Lomond.
    Decorative Gift Voucher

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