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PreLoaded Membership Cards and Gift Cards


PreLoad your Membership Card with money to spend at Loch (You choose the amount of money to preload on your card)

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Amount to be added:

You can pre-load membership cards with money that can be used anywhere in the chalet. It is not redeemable for cash.

Membership Cards can be loaded with money that can be spent at Loch Lomond. 

This is a popular option for parents to PreLoad a child's card. And it is popular with people who don't want to carry cash or credit cards while skiing.

Load your Membership Card to purchase items from 

  • cafeteria
  • bar/lounge
  • gift shop
  • repair/rental shop 
  • Money left on a card at the end of the season will carry over to the next season
  • Money on a membership card cannot be transferred to any other membership card
  • Money cannot be reimbursed at the end of the season
  • We can load the card from our computers. So your card will be ready as soon as we manually process the order.
  • If you are loading your child's card, there will be a place to enter the child's name on the checkout form.
  • If you are loading membership cards for more than one child, simply enter all the names in the checkout form separated by commas.

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