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Equipment Rental Pricing

Our staff is certified to work on ski equipment and snowboard equipment. Each employee must pass the certification test, know the equipment well: how to care for skis, snowboards, and bindings; and how to spot problems.

All equipment is inspected upon return. Any equipment that is suspect is removed from the rental cycle.

Taxes extra on all products and services.

Snowshoe Rental

This product is unavailable or out of stock.

Rental SET for Skiing or Snowboarding

  • $40
  • For skiing you get your helmet, skis, boots, and poles. 
  • For snowboarding you get your helmet, snowboard and boots.

Ski Rental (skis only)

  • $29
  • We carry over 400 Salomon skis

Snowboard Rental (snowboard only)

  • $29
  • We carry over 230 snowboards

Helmet Rental

  • $11
  • We have over 250 helmets.
  • Helmets are sanitized after each use.

Boot Rental (Skiing or Snowboard)

  • $16
  • We have 500 boots - (Salomon & Nordica)
  • Boots are sanitized after each use.

Ski Pole Rental

  • $11
  • We have 200 poles

Rental Equipment Insurance

  • $7
  • Some people love taking jumps or riding through rougher terrain. For these reasons, we have rental equipment insurance. For only $7 if you break our equipment, it is covered by insurance.
  • All equipment is checked each and every time it is returned from use. You can be assured that your rental equipment is in good condition before it is handed off to you for your day of skiing or snowboarding.
Taxes extra on all products and services.