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Terrain Park 2016

Massive Update - A Whole new Park!

Loch Lomond Ski Area is excited to announce the arrival of its highly anticipated new terrain park  proudly brought to you by Rockstar Canada

New Terrain Park in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada near Duluth

Loch’s park maintenance crew has been working round the clock to bring a bigger and better terrain park to skiers and boarders alike this season.

Some have even said it’s the #1 park in North Western Ontario!

Located on the hill’s South side Pine. the new park is home to dozens of features and maintained by our park crew  — 

Features include:

  • C rail
  • Large pole jam
  • 20ft table top jump
  • Large hip jump
  • 30ft gap jump
  • Rainbow rail
  • Shipping container wall ride or redirect
  • Flat down rail
  • 15ft cheese wedge jump
  • 16ft flat box
  • 20ft PVC rail
  • 10ft down bar
  • a frame rail
  • 10ft flat box
  • Turbo tube
  • 20ft C box
  • Small hip jump

But wait, there’s more…There are also variety of small features on the Lower Sunbowl and Snoopy!

  • Rainbow box
  • Spine transfer
  • Small jump
  • PVC pipe
  • Small handrail

The Terrain Park has and will be regularly used for a handful of exciting competitions throughout the season. This gives our local talent the opportunity to strut their stuff on a provincial level.

New Terrain Park in Thunder Bay
Riding the New Terrain Park at Loch Lomond Ski Area 2015