Loch Lomond Ski Area

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Slope Conditions, Rates, Open Lifts and Runs

This information is for Tuesday 21-Feb-2017

Pricing Information: Midweek Rates Today

Hours of Operation for Tuesday
11:30am to 4pm
FULL Day rates for Tuesday
Midweek Rates Apply Today
Tubing Rates for Tuesday
Tubing is Closed today

Weather Thunder Bay's Weather
NIGHT Skiing/Boarding for Tuesday
NIGHT Rate for Skiing/Board on Tuesday
No night skiing tonight

See the Lift Ticket Pricing Page

Lift Information for Tuesday 21-Feb-2017

Is the South Lift open? Yes
Is the North Lift open?
Is the Snoopy Lift open?

Today's Snow Conditions

Surface Conditions for 21-Feb-2017
Spring Conditions,Wet Snow 
Average Base Depth on 21-Feb-2017
60-80 cm
Was snow made overnight? No
What are the weather conditions at Loch today?

Open Slopes and Parks for Tuesday

How many slopes are open? 17 /17
Which south-side slopes are open?  The Upper Pine (Blue), The Lower Pine (Blue), The Cliff (Blue), The Upper Sunbowl (Green),  The Lower Sunbowl (Green),  The Snoopy (Green),  The Mullet (Blue)
Which north-side slopes are open? The Maple (Black Diamond),  The Birch (Black Diamond),  The Chicken (Green),  The Devil's Dive (Double Black Diamond),  The Zipper (Blue),  The Kitzbul (Blue),  The Giant (Black Diamond),  The Jolly Giant (Double Black Diamond),  Old Joe's (Blue),  The Devil's Glade (Double Black)
Run Difficulty Key Green - easiest
Blue - intermediate
Black Diamond - advanced
Double Black Diamond - expert only
Is the Terrain Park open? Open
Is the Tubing Park open? Tubing is Closed today

Is your Showshoeing Trail open? Yes from 11am - 4pm.

The Trail Fee is $10 + tax.

We have rentals available for $11 +tax.


Let's Talk about Tomorrow's Hours

Is Loch Lomond Open Tomorrow? Yes 11 am-4pm
What are tomorrow's tubing rates? Tubing is closed until Friday night

Is night skiing or boarding open tomorrow?
no we close at 4pm
What is the night rate to Ski/Board tomorrow?
we are closed

Upcoming Events

Events at Loch Lomond Ski Area

Symbols for Ski Run Difficulty
Trail Description Symbol Level of Difficulty
Green  Green - easiest runs Easiest (Beginner)
Blue  Blue - intermediate level runs Intermediate
Black Diamond  black diamond - advanced runs Advanced
Double Black Diamond  double black diamond - expert only run Expert Only


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