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Norwesters Alpine Club

Irene Pawson, 577-2268 

The Juvenile Racing Programs at the Loch Lomond Ski Area are organized and run by the NORWESTERS ALPINE CLUB, which is a voluntary not-for-profit registered organization. Our programs follow Alpine Canada's "AIM-2-WIN" manual guidelines and utilize their National "Husky Snow Stars Skills" training program which takes young ski athletes through a progression of achievement skills from year-to-year in a safe and fun filled format. Athletes will learn and improve their skiing skills and at the same time learn how to race in a team environment. All our programs are staffed with certified ski coaches. The programs will run from early December to early March, depending on weather conditions.

Nancy Greene Ski League

Age Group 5 to 10

Irwin Ski League

Age Group 11 to 18

Lake Superior Division Alpine

Senior Circuit Adult Racing 

Thunder Bay Freestyle Ski Club

Attention Ski Clubs: Email us information about your club and we will update this page. 

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