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New Terrain Park at Loch Lomond Ski Area in Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Thank you to our sponsors - Rockstar Canada and Ski and Board Exchange

Riding the New Terrain Park at Loch Lomond Ski Area 2015

Features include:

  • C rail
  • Large pole jam
  • 20ft table top jump
  • Large hip jump
  • 30ft gap jump
  • Rainbow rail
  • Shipping container wall ride or redirect
  • Flat down rail
  • 15ft cheese wedge jump
  • 16ft flat box
  • 20ft PVC rail
  • 10ft down bar
  • a frame rail
  • 10ft flat box
  • Turbo tube
  • 20ft C box
  • Small hip jump

But wait, there’s more…There are also variety of small features on the South side too! These include:

  • Rainbow box
  • Spine transfer
  • Small jump
  • PVC pipe
  • Small handrail

Get your freestyle on this Feb 21st

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Slope Style Sessions

Loch Lomond's first freestyle competition of the season. 

Proudly sponsored by Rockstar Canada and the Ski & Board Exchange. 

Feb 21st

Loch's new terrain park

New terrain park at Loch Lomond in Thunder Bay

Helmets Mandatory. 

Great prizes to be won! 

Sign up now at the front reception- 

$10 Entry fee

Terrain Park changes in 2013/2014 Season for Loch Lomond Ski Area

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Loch Lomond Ski Area is kicking off the season with the launch of its brand new terrain park for the 2014/15 season. Our park is home to dozens of features that are switched up and regularly maintained by our park crew! 

The Loch Lomond park is accessible to both skiers and snowboarders of all levels, from beginner to pro! 

Loch Lomond is home to North Western Ontario's largest freestyle Ski & Snowboard Competition- 'Loch, Stock & Two Smokin' Bar-Rails! This is held annually each April ! 

The Terrain park is regularly used for a handful of exciting competitions throughout the season and gives our local talent the opportunity to strut their stuff on a provincial level.

A six person team made the park better last season (2013/2014)

  • Professional skier - Laurent-Olivier Martin. 
  • Park maintenance - Adam Scarcello. 
  • Thunder Bay Park Improvement Collective - Joshua Knight & Devan Pelletier. 
  • Rail Builder- Dan Fedun - Advance Contracting (Thunder Bay) Ltd. 
  • Brady Hammond - Loch Lomond Operations Manager.

Accomplishments from 2013/2014

  • refurbishment of two existing park rails
  • built 5 new rails - ranging from beginner to expert
  • half-way through finishing two more rails - likely a butter box and a beginner C rail

Future Plans

We are planning on splitting our park into two lines and having a beginner line and an intermediate/expert line. This would allow for better park flow and consistency. 

We have something for everyone! More park maintenance is scheduled for this season to keep rails and jumps in top shape. We will continue to move items around to keep things fresh and new. 

Our goal this year is to provide the riders with the best terrain park Loch has ever seen. So far the people are enjoying the changes and additions but, of course, we are always looking to improve every year.

new rails for the snowboard park at Loch Lomond 2013 and 2014

This is a picture of our staff working on the rails for the new snowboard park in the garage.

Some Photos of our Competition Day for Snowboarders

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Snowboarding in Thunder Bay at Loch Lomond

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