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New Terrain Park at Loch Lomond Ski Area in Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Thank you to our sponsors - Rockstar Canada and Ski and Board Exchange

Riding the New Terrain Park at Loch Lomond Ski Area 2015

Features include:

  • C rail
  • Large pole jam
  • 20ft table top jump
  • Large hip jump
  • 30ft gap jump
  • Rainbow rail
  • Shipping container wall ride or redirect
  • Flat down rail
  • 15ft cheese wedge jump
  • 16ft flat box
  • 20ft PVC rail
  • 10ft down bar
  • a frame rail
  • 10ft flat box
  • Turbo tube
  • 20ft C box
  • Small hip jump

But wait, there’s more…There are also variety of small features on the South side too! These include:

  • Rainbow box
  • Spine transfer
  • Small jump
  • PVC pipe
  • Small handrail