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Loch Lomond's New Roof and Siding

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Welcome to another great season at Loch Lomond Ski Area

With the change in the season, come changes at Loch Lomond.

Updates throughout the chalet inside, as well as outside, has Loch Lomond looking fantastic.

New Lifts, New Roofs, Fresh Paint

The South and the Snoopy lift have brand new chairs, all three lifts including the patrol hut have had a fresh coat of paint and brand new roofs.

The chalet itself has had many changes done through out the fall and are still being completed.

Bathroom Renovations

A fresh coat of paint from the office to the kitchen, to the locker room and the bar and lounge area gives the inside a brand new look. New carpeting throughout the building and lets not forget the new sinks and toilets in the washrooms upstairs and downstairs.

Tentative Opening Date

With the cold weather in the forecast we are now getting ready for snowmaking, and our tenative opening date is December 1st.