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Snowmaking at Loch

posted by Tricia Littlefield

Snowmaking at Loch

Our snowmaking team were treated to a beautiful sunrise from the top of the North this morning during the 1am-9am shift!

Did you know?...

If the Loch snowmaking team were running snow guns with size 60 nozzle tips in approx. -30 degrees, the team could produce a house sized pile of snow in an 8 hour shift ! - That's a lot of snow!

We are currently still making snow on the Giant, and will have the North lift open tomorrow evening with just the Birch open from 7pm-10pm!

New Kid's Fun Area Coming Soon

posted by Cathryn Evans

Carstart Kids Area at Loch Lomond Ski Area

Kid's Area

'Carstar Kids Crash Course' .... coming to Loch this winter.

Let the kids play while you relax on the Loch Lomond deck, or join in all the fun with them inside the kids area.

Proudly brought to you by Loch Lomond and our fantastic sponsors, Carstar Collision and Glass Service

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