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Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors level 1 course

posted by Cathryn Evans

Class of 2015...

Check out our new recruits taking their Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors level 1 course.

certified snowboarding instructors thunder bay

Loch is lucky enough to have snowboard extraordinaire Mr. Kevin Klin ( second from the right ) as part of our team this season. Kevin will not only be working for us at the hill, but is also a vital team member of the CASI Canada crew. Kevin brings his wealth of CASI knowledge as well as his experience as a level 3 snowboard instructor and level 2 park instructor to the ski area in 2015.

Passport for Kids Launches Today at Loch Lomond

posted by Cathryn Evans

passport card for Loch Lomond kids

Kids can pick up their Passport from the Snow School. Complete the fun activities on the passport and win a goody (changes each week). These passports will be available to complete every Saturday and Sunday between the opening hours.

Snowmaking at Loch

posted by Tricia Littlefield

Snowmaking at Loch

Our snowmaking team were treated to a beautiful sunrise from the top of the North this morning during the 1am-9am shift!

Did you know?...

If the Loch snowmaking team were running snow guns with size 60 nozzle tips in approx. -30 degrees, the team could produce a house sized pile of snow in an 8 hour shift ! - That's a lot of snow!

We are currently still making snow on the Giant, and will have the North lift open tomorrow evening with just the Birch open from 7pm-10pm!

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