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Learn To Ride


Ages 7 - 14, Grouped by age and skill level.

Never Ever Lessons go out on Skis and Snowboards every Saturday and Sunday at 10AM-12PM.

Lessons for those ages 4-7 are on Snow 12:30PM-2:30PM

Progressive lesson for children between the ages of 7-14 happen every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-12PM AND 12:30PM-2:30PM

Session times are:

Weekend Sessions Days Times
Never Ever 
(Level 1)
Saturday & Sunday 10am-12pm
Under 7 Saturday & Sunday 12:30pm-2:30pm
Ages 7-14
(Level 2-Level 8)
Saturday & Sunday 10am-12pm

Evening Sessions Days Times

Ages 7-14
(Level 2-Level 8)

Fridays 6pm-8pm

If you are unsure of your child's level, there is more information at the bottom or call our Ski School and they will help you.

Pricing is based on the number of sessions you plan to attend.

Session Pack Price
Single Session $25
5 Session Pack $112.50
10 Session Pack $200
*Prices do not include HST*
*Lift tickets and rentals are not included in the session prices but can be added at a discounted rate*


Use our secure checkout to enroll your child in the Learn To Ride Program.


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Ski Levels

 Level  Name Minimum Ability
1 Blue Bunnies I have never skied before
2 White Owls I can snowplough to a stop 
3 Orange Otters I can link snowplough turns 
4 Green Beavers I am experimenting with parallel turns 
5 Red Fox I can confidently parallel turn all Blue Terrain
6 Purple Moose I can confidently parallel turn on Black Diamond Terrain 
7 Black Bears I am experimenting with Carving 
8 Golden Eagles I can carve all pisted terrain  

Snowboard Levels

 Level  Name Minimum Ability
1 Blue Bunnies Never Snowboarded before
2 White Owls Can Snowplow and Pendulum heel side and use the chairlift without asssistance 
3 Orange Otters Can Snowplow and Pendulum toe Side
4 Green Beavers Can do sliding “C” turns on both heel and toe side
5 Red Fox Can link “C” turns into “S” turns while traversing across blue runs
6 Purple Moose Can carve on blue runs and do sliding “S” turns on Blue
7 Black Bears Can carve on Blue runs and do sliding “S” turns on Black
8 Golden Eagles Can carve and ride the whole mountain in all conditions


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