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Marostica Motors

Marostica Motors

Marostica Motorsis the authorized dealer for Subaru, Suzuki, and Hyandai vehicles in Thunder Bay. Marostica Motors Ltd. delivers uncompromised customer service performance. The sales staff takes pride in defining your dreams of the perfect car, and assisting you in making that dream a reality. They excel in making you feel part of the family. And the service doesn't end at the completion of the sale, the team will be there for you again and again - whether it be a call for your car's regular check-up, or a casual discussion about the next big design by one of the fine automobile designers we represent.

Logo for Loch Lomond Equipment Sales
Loch Lomond Equipment Sales

Loch Lomond Equipment Sales specializes in remote access equipment solutions and is an authorized dealer for Argo amphibious UTV's, Hydrema Low Ground Pressure Construction Equipment, Land Tamer RAV's and also a reburbisher and retailer of pre-owned snow groomers. 

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